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Email Signature Survey Template

Engagement plus satisfaction equals a strong, motivated workforce!

The e-mail signature survey templates is a great way to show your commitment to your clients customer service. Get the feedback from your clients to improve on your service and build more trust and stronger relationships. Include a feedback request in your e-mail signature.

Why Have Email Signature Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Getting real-time feedback from clients can highlight areas of improvement quickly and it is essential for any business to continuously monitor customer feedback either negative or positive. The email signature survey template is a great starting point for users wanting to get feedback from their clients.


Customer Feedback

What clients think about your service


Analyze Feedback

Positive and negative


Action on Feedback

Quickly act on complaints or compliments



Use feedback to improve service

Email Signature Survey

general mail survey

Game Lodge Survey

game lodge – hotel

General Customer Survey

general satisfaction questionnaire

Email Signature Feedback Survey Tips and Advice

Getting and acting upon feedback from your client is vital to the level of service you provide.

A great tip is to set a trigger in the system to notify you on any specific response from a client.

For example, if you have a question:

“Would you recommend our service to anyone?”  and the client answers “NO”, a trigger will be sent to you advising you and the negative feedback.

You can also generate more leads from the email signature survey by redirecting the client to your website promotions after completing the survey. Extraordinary service can determine many companies’ futures and is vital to keep on top of your clients’ feedback.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates
  • Offer consistent service
  • Build trust
  • Be professional
  • Be reliable
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Be efficient
  • Deliver exceptional service



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