How to Analyze your Surveys

After you have collected all your responses, you can now formulate your findings into reports. To navigate to the report compiler and designer you can click on the quick start buttons or on the Report icon below next to your survey.

1.Select Report Button on home screen or select Report button icon next to your survey.

You will then be directed to the landing page of the report designer. The first tab “Survey Stats” will display a summary of the report. To generate your own reports select the “Generate a Report” tab.

2. Survey Stats – live feed and general overview of results

You can select a the entire launch or a specific one. ( A launch = When you send a survey it is called a launch)

On the Generate page you can now select your type of report as well as your export type. You can also import your logo into the reports as well as change the color of the reports.

A strong feature of the system is the ability to filter by launches as well as by questions.