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Email Signature Survey Template
Thank you once again for getting in touch with us and giving us the opportunity to be of assistance.
As a valued client your feedback is important to us. Would you be so kind as to let us know about your experience dealing with us?

Question 1.  
In your view, did you feel our customer service agent understood what you were saying?

Question 2.  
How long was your wait on hold before speaking with our customer service representative?
Selection Extremely long
Selection Quite long
Selection Moderately long
Selection Slightly long
Selection Not at all long
Question 3.  
How eager to help you were the customer service representatives at our company?
Extremely eager
Very eager
Moderately eager
Slightly eager
Not at all eager
Question 4.  
Would you say that our customer service representative solved your problem or answered your question quickly, slowly, or neither?
Selection Extremely quickly
Selection Quite quickly
Selection Quickly
Selection Neither quickly nor slowly
Selection Somewhat slowly
Selection Quite slowly
Selection Extremely slowly
Question 5.  
How clear was the information that our customer service representative provided to you?
Extremely clear
Quite clear
Moderately clear
Slightly clear
Not at all clear
Question 6.  
How knowledgeable did our customer service representative seem to you?
Selection Extremely knowledgeable
Selection Quite knowledgeable
Selection Moderately knowledgeable
Selection Slightly knowledgeable
Selection Not at all knowledgeable
Question 7.  
How many of your questions/problems did the customer service representative at our company resolve?
All of them
Most of them
About half of them
Some of them
None of them
Question 8.  
How helpful was our customer service representative?
Extremely helpful
Quite helpful
Moderately helpful
Slightly helpful
Not at all helpful
Question 9.  
Was your experience with customer service at our company better than you expected it to be, worse than you expected it to be, or about what you expected it to be?
Selection A great deal better
Selection Quite a bit better
Selection Somewhat better
Selection About what was expected
Selection Somewhat worse
Selection Quite a bit worse
Selection A great deal worse
Selection Don't know
Question 10.  
Overall, are you satisfied with the customer service you received, dissatisfied with our customer service, or neither satisfied nor dissatisfied?
Selection Extremely satisfied
Selection Quite satisfied
Selection Somewhat satisfied
Selection Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Selection Somewhat dissatisfied
Selection Quite dissatisfied
Selection Extremely dissatisfied
Question 11.  
How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?
Selection Definitely not
Selection Probably not
Selection Possibly
Selection Probably yes
Selection Definitely yes