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Mystery Shopping Template

The purpose of this Mystery Shop evaluation is to establish if staff are listening to the buying signals of customers and optimizing on the sales potential, offering to upgrade the client's purchase and offer additional services based on her available budget and obtaining some form of commitment from the customer.

The notes in each section may be used in your report to educate staff on what the Mystery Shopper is assessing.

First Impressions
First impressions are lasting; we only get one chance to create a great first impression. Remember that customers enquiring telephonically do not have a picture of what is happening in the shop/office. Before answering the call, take on the mind-set that you would with a face to face customer, answer the phone with a smile and ensure the caller has your full attention.
Question 1.  
Mandatory Question Was your call answered within a satisfactory timeframe?
Selection Very Quickly
Selection Quickly
Selection Average
Selection Quite Long
Selection Very Long
Selection Was Not Answered
Question 2.  
Did the Receptionist answer the call to include a greeting including name of company and own name?
Selection Only mentioned the company name but did not state his/her name
Selection Very unclear in his/her introduction
Selection Came across as unprofessional
Selection Very professional and clearly stated the company and her/his name
Question 3.  
Were you competently transferred to a Consultant within 15 seconds?